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The Preplan Committee is responsible for planning in advance for possible emergencies.

The Preplan Committee assigns managers to take Manager-On-Call for each month.


[edit] Mandate

The Preplan Committee is the locus within Pincher SAR of technical expertise on responding to incidents.

It is responsible for developing and setting Preplans, Standard Operating Policies, Protocols and Best Practices related to the types of incidents Pincher SAR is likely to respond to.

[edit] Meetings

See Meetings

[edit] Members

See Members

[edit] Communications

The preplan committee has its own mailing list for members to send e-mail to the attention of all the preplan committee members. See PCSAR Preplan Mailing List.

[edit] Tasks

See Tasks

[edit] Documents

The preplan committee oversees a large collection of documents used operationally by the organization.

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