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Welcome New Members

Welcome to Pincher Creek SAR.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. The board meets at 6:00 pm and the general meeting and training session is held at 7:00 pm. You are welcome to attend both sections of the meeting.

Attendance sheets are kept by Adam Grose. Please complete one at your first meeting. This is kept up to date BY YOU, so that we know what your current training is and the experience that you have. This information is used to put your name on the call out sheet in the proper category of "emergency", "resource", etc. For every meeting, search call-out, or other SAR activity that you attend, enter it and the date of that participation on your page so that we can keep the records of your involvement current. It is your responsibility to do this. These records of involvement (without your name attached) also become part of the ongoing statistics of "man hours" volunteered in SAR. The more of these represented, the more we are valued and the easier it is to secure funding from the province.

The ready pack is the most essential of all our equipment. Following is a list of the basics that should be included in your pack. Of course, variations are made according to the individuals training and needs;

Map and Silva Ranger Compass

First aid kit

Matches and butane lighter


Headlamp and spare battery

Flashlight and spare battery

(*Two sources of light is a must, three is prefered!)

Pen, pencil, and note pad

Repair kit - duct tape, wire, fishing line, etc.




Water bottle - full

Emergency biovac (shelter)

Emergency food - power bars candies etc

Weather gear - clothing (rain coat, hat, winter cloths, etc.)

Disposable camera (optional)

Zip lock baggies

This is just a basic list. You can add and subtract as you see necessary, just keep in mind that you may need to carry this a long way so watch the weight! *Be prepared to stay out for 24 hours and remember that the weather can change!

Call outs are what we prepare for. Generally, the way that it happens is:

A "tasking agency" ( the RCMP, fire department, etc.) will contact us and the callout sheets are used to contact members according to the type of search required (example; snowmobiles, horses, foot search, etc.); volunteers are also needed in a number of logistical support functions. These calls can come at any time and usually give you about ½hour notice, so try to have your ready pack and "stuff" prepared at all times. This mainly means keeping track of what you are carrying and change it according to the season we are in (example: snow mitts versus sun screen). One more thing to keep in mind when you are called out is that CONFIDENTIALITY IS A MUST right from the initial callout. When working with the RCMP you are on their team and you will become privy to information that you must not share as it may hinder their investigation.

When called, be prepared to know very little. You will be told where we are all meeting, where you are headed (general), and possibly a bit about the situation (example: child missing). At the meeting place, we typically have a briefing. Here you will find out where we are going and what we will be required to do.

Training is scheduled throughout the year. Our training coordinator usually gives us about 2 months notice of the training. The training announcements will be passed on to you by your monthly fan-out contact person. Usually a contact number will accompany that info so you can register for the course. But the best source of information will come through meeting attendance.

Participation is what makes this group work. We realize that not everyone can attend everything but we feel it is important to make an effort to keep up to date with what is happening in the group.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our board

Once again, we would like to welcome you to Pincher Creek SAR. By belonging to this group, you will be providing a service to the community that is extremely valuable. In the event of a search, most people do not realize how important the volunteers are.

More New Member Information

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