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PCSAR and Pincher Creek Emergency Services are forming a joint rope rescue team. It is hoped that by having a single team between the two organizations, that we will be able to maintain a level of training and involvement that will allow the joint team to respond to incidents in the mandate for either organization.

The PCSAR board has given approval in principle to the formation of joint team. They will consider a more detailed mandate and budget for the team as they are developed.

See also Swift Water Rescue



If you are interested in becoming involved in the joint team, contact Brett Wuth as a member of PCSAR, or your officers as a member of Emergency Services.

PCSAR members:


PCES members:

  • ...


A joint planning meeting between PCSAR, PCES, Piikani Fire Dept and Shell was held 2009-08-19.

A planning session was held after the wind turbine tour on 2009-09-12 between Dave Cox, Brett Wuth, Bree Korobanik, and Brian Balak.

2009-09-16 Pat and Brett discussed training requirements.

2009-10-13 Pat and Brett worked on a training schedule.

2010-07-12 discussion Dave Cox, Brett Wuth.

2009-11-05 Dave, Pat and Brett planned the 2009-11-10 meeting.

The 2010-11-09 Rope Rescue training ended with a planning session.

2011-06-11 Lethbridge College meeting discuss rope rescue at wind turbines

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