Pincher Creek Search and Rescue Society

Policy Issue Title: Outside Resources


To define the requirements and treatment of outside operational resources.

Status of this Document

2001-10-02 The policy described in this document has been approved by the board.


In 2001 the board formed a Membership Committee to propose policies related to the classification of members. Its recommendations were presented in August, 2001 and adopted by the board and membership in October, 2001.


During an operation, how should the personnel and materiel of other organizations be handled in comparison with PC SAR's?


"Inside Resources" are the personnel (people) and materiel (equipment) that belong to PC SAR. "Outside Resources" are personnel and materiel that do not belong to PC SAR.

Most SAR operations require both Inside Resources and Outside Resources. Sometimes in the past, ad-hoc Outside Resources (for instance, a friend of a PC SAR member with a particular needed expertise) have been treated as newly gained PC SAR resources.

Active Policies

The following policies are active.

[P1] Active Policy

For operational purposes, non-members and other organizations may be designated as "Outside Resources". [A1]

Outside Resources must be tasked separately by the Tasking Agency, [A1,R1] perhaps at the recommendation of the Logistics Officer. They are called after tasking has been authorized. [A1]

Outside Resources must: [A1]

Alternative Policies

No alternative policies have been recorded.


[A1] current Board Resolution 2001-10-02 motion X:

Be it moved that the Memebership Policies and the Quorum Policies be accepted as presented by the Membership Committee in their report dated Aug 9, 2001.


[R1] Our organization cannot take responsibility for an Outside Resource. They do not fall under our discipline and they have not agreed to our policies. They may put obligations (such as costs or liabilities) on the Tasking Agency (e.g. RCMP), therefore they must be tasked separately by Tasking Agency.

[R2] We want to make sure that resources on our Outside Resource List meet requirements of ability, etc. as these are the resources likely to be called when our internal resources are depleted.


Evaluation of policy by Membership Committee: recommended