2010-06-08 Rope Rescue training


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Tuesday June 8, 2010

19:00 - 21:00 at the Fire Hall

Rope Rescue practice.


  • Rappelling and Ascending
    • (from BC PEP RRM Chapter 10)
    • Understanding rappelling methods
    • Outline the various belay methods
    • Set up and operate various rappel devices
    • Tie-off rappel devices
    • Set up and operate Prusiks and mechanical devices for ascending
    • Perform safety checks for rappelling / ascending systems


  • built lower system with brake bar, main line and belay
  • demonstrated ascending with prusiks and mechanical ascenders, down climbed
  • demonstrated switch over to figure-8 descender, tie-off, and use.
  • demonstrated safety check
  • revealed difficulty using fall-arrest harness with ascenders
  • revealed problem using 12.5mm rope with Petzl Stop

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