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Suggestions coming from the August 24, 2010 critique regarding the 2010-08-04 Quad incident and the 2010-08-18 Table Mountain incident.

Pincher Creek SAR routinely performs a critique after a Search and Rescue incident in order to learn what should be done differently or the same in the next similar incident. Critiques are not about criticism but rather about learning. They are normally chaired by a Search Manager that was not involved in the incident. The suggestions that are brought forward through the critique process are presented in this report.


[edit] Participants

[edit] Rough notes

[edit] Suggestions

#SuggestionReferred to
0001Add to SAR Tasking Guidelines that the Manager on Call communicate directly with the RCMPpreplan
0002All Search Mangers should have phone contacts for EMS ambulance in order to improve on inter-agency communication and avoid mistaken directions including Channel(s) 1&
0003Interagency Communication should be improvedboard
0004Equipment in SARCAR and Equipment Trailer should include Heat Blankets and Hot
0005ensure that all drivers can back up and haul out the SAR trailertraining
0006Practice should be to haul trailer out to most incident.preplan
0007research best practice for transport of injured subject via truck bed, train to that standardpreplan
0008discuss (formally) with PCES the issues of navigation to call-out sites (for example: on the August 04 incident south of PC, the ambulance missed the directions.preplan
0009Subject removal and evacuation
0010clarify roles and command structure/hierarchy when several agencies are involved in/responding to the same
0011that the trailer be stored at the Fire Hallequipment
0012Training in the use of PCES radio channels (1& 2) as well as in the “Mutual Aid”
0013rope rescue equipment is transferred to the SAR trailerunassigned
0014arrange meeting with new RCMP Commanderboard
0015Had the original message gone off right at the shale slide? Was there too much hysteria?unassigned
0016Use a magnetic wand to show trailer
0017Call out needs more than 15 minutes to marshal at fire hallpreplan
0018Train new call-outpreplan
0019EMS all terrain stretcher could not have gone in all way. It would have been a tough pack; Pincher SAR's would have been better.unassigned
0020EMS personnel were not outfitted to climb the mountain. They wore rubber boots, full cover-alls on a hot day.unassigned
0021No PCSAR team leader in the
0022PCSAR & EMS joint training (witness a mock search). Would provide opportunity to let EMS personnel see capability of
0023working with EMS, need to get SAR into action fasterpreplan
0024Consider using back door number to talk to Lethbridge dispatch to avoid long calls of questionspreplan

[edit] Committee / Organization

The suggestions are being passed on to the indicated organizations/committees for their consideration. We recognize that not all suggestions may be appropriate, and some may already have been implemented.


Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Overall ability of PCSAR to accomplish its mission.
  • Organizational policies
  • Relationships with Tasking Agencies and Fellow Responding Organizations.
  • Financing, budget

suggestions identified: 3, and 14

Tasking Agency

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Overall legal responsibility for incident.

Suggestions for the Tasking Agency are passed through the Board.

Fellow Responding Organizations

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Response to incident in accordance with their individual mandate and ability.

Suggestions for fellow responding organizations are passed through the Board.

PCSAR Preplan Committee

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Expertise in search and rescue.
  • Standard Operating Procedures for incidents.
  • Post incident critique, review and follow-up.

suggestions identified: 1, 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, 23, and 24

PCSAR Equipment Committee

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Obtaining and keeping equipment ready.

suggestions identified: 4, 11, and 16

PCSAR Call-Out Committee

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Respond to First Call from Tasking Agency
  • Contacting members during an incident.

suggestions identified: none

PCSAR Membership Committee

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Recruiting members.
  • Tracking members contact information, skills and equipment.

suggestions identified: none

PCSAR Training Committee

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Training members.

suggestions identified: 2, 5, 9, 10, 12, 21, and 22

PCSAR Technology Committee

Mandate Relevant to Incidents:

  • Technology support

suggestions identified: none

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