2011-02 SAR Fundamentals


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SAR Fundamentals course to be held in Pincher Creek


[edit] Announcement

See /Announce

[edit] Dates

  • Fri March 11, 18:00-21:30 : 3.5 h : MD Meeting Room
  • Sat March 12, 09:00-17:00 : 7.5 h : MD Meeting Room
    • Mock search 18:30-~22:00 : 3.5 h : Co-op Lumber Yard, east end of Main Street
  • Sun March 13, 09:00-17:00 : 7.5 h : MD Meeting Room

Both the trainers and the students are members of various emergency organizations. Either may be called away to respond to an emergency. For instance, during the 2010 course we were called to an avalanche. If such a situation arises we may suspend portions of this training and reschedule them.

[edit] Roster

Click here to sign up or view the roster of students wanting to attend, instructors and coordinators.

[edit] Schedule

See detailed course schedule (for instructors' planning).

[edit] Financial

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[edit] Equipment

[edit] Feedback

[edit] To Do

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