2011-11-19 Shell Mock


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As a result of their exercise in June 2011, Shell identified a need to work better with Pincher SAR. During an H2S incident, if they don't immediately locate a resident and have reason to believe they are still in the area, they would want a search to be initiated.

Shell and Pincher SAR subsequently negotiated a protocol where Pincher SAR will provide search management and operations. Pincher SAR will provide a SAR manager as an advisor early on in their incidents. When the need for a search is identified, Pincher SAR will be in charge of that activity. Industry personnel will accompany search teams for safety.

See: Protocol for Shell H2S

We are going to test and verify this new protocol during a new exercise Shell is organizing November 19.

Please come out to this mock.

We will meet 08:00 Saturday November 19 at the Pincher Fire Hall. The exercise will be over at 12:00. Shell will be providing lunch and there will be a critique wrapping up by 15:00.

Please let Ron Hann know if you can attend, so we can judge numbers.

   Ron Hann <RGHConsulting@shaw.ca>

We'd like especially to extend the invitation to participate to CNP SAR and LASARA so that we can have a response size similar to what we anticipate would happen in a real incident.

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