2012-09-04 regular training


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We'll be outside practicing stretcher packaging and transport. Part of the time we'll be in the creek behind the fire hall. There's only a few inches of water. Bring appropriate footwear and clothing.

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19:00-21:30 Pincher Fire Hall

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outdoor; Equipment use (stretcher, packaging, evacuation)

  • roles
    • team leader
    • first aider
    • advocate
    • stretcher bearers
    • route finder
  • subject stress
    • very scary being the subject
    • losing control
    • calm voices, no shouting, listening, not talking at the same time, avoid side conversations
    • build rapport with subject, patient advocate
    • use subject's name, introduce yourself, talk to subject
    • engage subject in their own care
    • sight lines, generally move feet first
    • avoid lights in eyes
    • dust, dirt, debris
      • lower down, face up, more exposed
      • safety glasses, face shield, clear plastic sheet
    • claustrophobia
      • arms in/out of packaging
  • subject safety
    • can't protect themselves
    • situations that may be safe for the stretcher bearers may not be safe for the subject
      • e.g. a slip, might mean stretcher bearer catches themselves with hands, subject has unprotected fall
    • what are the risks? how likely are they? how serious are they? how can they be mitigated?
  • medical considerations
    • continuing monitoring of vital signs
    • access to injuries and extremity
    • risk of vomiting
    • hypothermia
  • subject comfort
    • pressure sores (can become medical issue)
      • more issue for SAR than other training (longer periods)
      • thermarest
      • packing voids
    • hydration
    • excretion
  • types of stretchers
    • wire basket stretcher (e.g. Stokes)
    • polyethylene basket stretcher (ferno)
    • two piece polyethylene basket stretcher
    • attachable wheel
    • Mariner Mountain Carrier
    • field litter
  • order of packaging
    • backboard (if required)
    • thermarest (deflated)
    • 7m webbing for pelvic harness interwoven with backboard (if required)
    • 2 * 3m webbing for chest harness, crossed (if required)
    • patient
    • backboard straps (crossed at chest, across hips, above but not on knees)
    • pad hollows (neck, small of back, knees)
    • inflate thermarest (if backboard)
    • environmental protection
      • sleeping bag
      • blankets
      • space blanket -- condensation issue
      • tarp
      • burrito lashing
      • inflate thermarest (if no backboard)
    • transfer to litter
      • attach harnesses to litter
        • pelvic (if used)
        • chest (if used)
        • foot loops (if required)
    • lashing
      • cross at chest, cross at hip, above knees, below knees
    • faceshield


  • similar height on opposite sides
  • use of webbing over outside shoulder
  • lift/lower called by person at head
    • "on my call, we will lift"
    • "anyone not ready?"
    • "one, two, lift"
  • anyone can call a break
  • relief comes in from front
    • exchange sides to relieve your tired arm
    • pass forward
  • difficult terrain, stand still with firm footing and pass forward
  • up to 24 people required to sustain carry of stretcher in difficult terrain


  1. 1
  • Package subject (volunteer) to be carried in ATV trailer and ride loop around parking lot east of fire hall.
  • Subject has a head injury.
  • Monitor subject for vomiting, stop once due to vomiting and clear airway.
  • Report back on:
    • Best way to package
    • Any equipment needed or should be changed
    • How patient condition was monitored (first aider riding, walking, or periodic stops?)
    • How communications was managed with ATV
  1. 2
  • Subject is on other side of creek in brush, has been located by searchers, reports leg injury from a fall, requests stretcher
  • Decide suitable stretcher and reach subject (subject will be one of party)
  • Return to fire hall by circuitous route (if time is short, use direct route)
    • consider trail system an impassable barrier on return until reach stairs by bridge (circle around the sign at base of stairs)
    • return from stairs to fire hall by trail or road
  • creek crossing must be done safely, considering subject cannot protect themselves from drowning if stretcher dropped
  • Report back on:
    • Pros and cons of stretcher chosen
    • Best way to package
    • Any equipment needed or should be changed

As time permits exchange exercise groups, run multiple #2 scenarios using different stretchers.

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