2013-08-22 Foothills Advanced Team Leader course


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This is an outside event, hosted by Foothills Search and Rescue. If you're interested, please discuss the entrance requirements with Brett Wuth. Registration must be done through Foothills SAR as described. For supplementary funding, if needed, please contact the PCSAR Training Committee.

Message-ID: <672B05B2AA714C298435F34870F002B7@LynsPC>
From: "Lyn Michaud" <lmichaud@telus.net>
Subject: Advanced Team Leader (Wilderness) course - August 22-26. Request for applications.
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 10:12:38 -0600

Hello All,

The ground SAR Team Leader is one of the key personnel in any search team. They are responsible not only for the safety of the team, but also the completion of the search objectives set by the Search Manager.

Accordingly a Team Leader must be capable and trained to fulfill their mission.

The Advanced Team Leader (Wilderness) course being offered by Foothills SAR is a grant course through the OFC and thus open to all qualified Alberta SAR groups. We are seeking applicants for the course which runs for two evenings Thursday August 22 and 23 followed by 3 days in the mountains and foothills in southern Alberta. Course participants must apply via ITM and have the blessing of their team executive. This course is evaluated and each successful candidate will be awarded a certificate.

The attached brochure describes the basic content.

Applicants will be asked to describe their outdoor background and skills. Since the number of candidates is limited, the students will be chosen from the overall pool of applicants.

The course has received rave reviews from those who have taken it over the past 8 years.

Please pass along this message to your group or training coordinator so you can take advantage of this offering.


Lyn Michaud
Foothills Search and Rescue

You don't need a lot of back country skills, that's what they're teaching you. But you need to be accepting of being uncomfortable.

Some of the implicit prerequisites:

  • SAR experience: Have your SAR Fundamentals/Basics certification
  • physical fitness: You should be able to exert yourself for three full days, carrying your ready pack and camping equipment, up and down 2 mountains.
  • clothing: suitable footwear (hiking boots), outdoor clothing for all possible weather
  • equipment: ready pack, sleeping bag, personal or shared tent, food, personal or shared stove, pots, plates, utensils

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