2018-02-28 Lethbridge SAR Basics


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For those that don't have their SAR Basics certification yet, Lethbridge SAR is running a course over 6 days: February 28, March 3-4 and March 16-18. This is the basic/fundamentals skills certification in Search and Rescue, recognized by the province. For more details see below.

Lethbridge SAR announces:

Search and Rescue Fundamentals Course 2018

WHO: For anyone interested in volunteering/ working in search and rescue. This is the minimum training required by Policing Agencies, Search & Rescue Alberta and the Office of the Fire Commissioner in Alberta.

WHAT: The course covers a broad range of topics designed to give the student awareness of all aspects of search and specific skills to build on. The course is made up of lecture, desktop exercises and practical exercises. Students must be able to participate in exercises and be able to demonstrate an understanding of topics introduced. Resources are all provided in English. Students require adequate clothing to be comfortable outside for up to four hours and have adequate footwear to walk off trail and on slopes.

WHERE: Lethbridge Fire Training Centre 2825 5 Ave N.

WHEN: A 40 Hour course held over two weekends. The second Saturday has a mock search in the evening. There is additional information from the textbook that participants will be responsible for.

  • Wed Feb 28 18:00-21:00
  • Sat March 3 8:30-16:30
  • Sun March 4 8:30-16:30
  • Fri March 16 18:00-21:00
  • Sat March 17 8:30-21:30
  • Sun March 18 8:30-16:00

Students must participate in all sessions to receive certification. Half hour lunch breaks with meals provided. We are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions.

HOW: The cost is $75 paid to LASARA. Mailed to LASARA at PO Box 30015 Park Place, Lethbridge AB T1J 4X3, dropped off at 221 Dieppe Blvd S, Lethbridge, or etransfer to cjemail@shaw.ca. Ensure to provide contact information with your payment.

Class size is limited. Deadline for registration is February 14, 2018. Basic Search and Rescue Skills textbook by ERI Canada is included.

Questions or can be emailed to Chris at cjemail@shaw.ca

PCSAR will reimburse the course fee of PCSAR or CRG members that complete the certification. Mileage will be reimbursed as long as car-pooling is used. Please let us know that you've signed up for this course so we can coordinate. pcsar-train@castrov.cuug.ab.ca.

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  • (For Treasurer) Refund expenses link=
    • funds from Shell SIF grant
    • await membership confirmation at April board meeting
    • course registration fees
    • mileage
      • assume car-pooling, 2 vehicles for 4 students
      • determine who drove -- how to split car-pooling expenses
      • equivalent of 5 days of travel (some students staid over, but counting as equivalent multiple trips will be less expensive than accommodation)
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