2018-04-03 regular training/Recommended changes to group equipment


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In each of 2 large kits (KineMedics satchel and Military stretcher pack)

  • Make contents more water resistant
  • Swap out latex gloves with Nitrile, 6 pairs S, 6 pairs M, 6 pairs L, 6 pairs XL
  • Water proof tape or electrical tape
  • hard shell barrier device mask
  • add 4 triangular bandages (6 triangular bandages)
  • swap out thinner SAM split
  • condom catheter (x2)
  • female catheter (x2)
  • iodine wipes (can be dual purposed to sterilize water for wound irrigation)
  • Rite-in-Rain notepad
  • pencil
  • syringe for irrigation (x2)
  • tube of icing
  • maxi pads (x2)
  • tegaderms patches (x6)
  • waterproof bandages (x6)
  • medium and large ziplock bags (x3 each size)
  • vet wrap
  • insect after bit wipes (X 12)
  • 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 gauze (10 each size)

Small Rancher Supply Kits (8)

  • nitrile gloves (small, medium, large,& XL x6pairs for each size)
  • replace Sting Stop (glass vials) with After Bite wipes
  • light barrier device
  • replace first aid booklet with modern version
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