2018-04-27 SARA Training Days and AGM


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The provincial SAR training days are April 27-29 in Drayton Valley. Some of the workshops are: Bone Identification, Tracking Skills, First Aid Scenario Training, Decisions under Stress during Critical Incidence, PTSD, Drones in SAR, K-9 First Aid, Equine First Aid, Robotics, SAR Team Management, Slope Rope Security.

Free to provincially registered SAR members.



PCSAR will pay for a carpool to attend. Let us know if you're interested. pcsar-train@castrov.cuug.ab.ca

The OFC says (2018-02-28):

Your SAR Alberta Team has been working very hard with the Folks at Norquest College to put together a fun and informative training weekend in conjunction with the SAR Alberta AGM (April 27th,28th and 29th). Although all the sessions are not finalized some of the things you can look forward to are:

D4h Hands on training,


SAR Grants,

Accounting for SAR Teams,

Drones in SAR,

K-9 Forum,

Code of Conduct,

K-9 First Aid,

Equine First Aid,


Bone Identification (Limited to 24),

SAR Team Management,

Tracking Skills,

First Aid Scenario Training,

Slope Rope Security,

Decisions under Stress during Critical Incidence

And a few more that are still being worked on.

On the Friday night there will be a meet and Greet and then a fun Bar-B-Q on Saturday night.

Saturday during the day there will be a Trade Show and demos.

On Sunday there will be tables available for any SAR Team at the SAR Flea Market. This is a chance to swap or sell your SAR Team T-shirts gear or unique products. I have it on good information that one team will be selling SAR Honey…..

Special Hotel rates are in place as well as hotels that will take dogs.

I am so excited at the work your SAR Alberta Team has done on this it is going to be better then SAR Scene.

I for one will be there, hope to see you all there. The registration link is below.


Here is the link to the Eventbrite Registration for SARQUEST 2018. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/sarquest-2018-registration-43362544538

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