2019-09-13 C2C Conference


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Search and Rescue Alberta in partnership with Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada (SARVAC) is hosting the national Search and Rescue Conference SAR C2C 2019 in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta from September 13-15, 2019. Search and Rescue professionals will be traveling to this event from across Canada and the world. National and International presenters will share their education, training, knowledge and experience.

The theme of the SAR C2C 2019 conference will be Wilderness SAR and Disaster Response. Urban and rural areas threatened by natural and man-made disasters can become wilderness-like areas that will require the response from air, land and sea search and rescue resources. Interoperability between all levels of Search and Rescue organizations, can save lives immediately and assist in response and recovery in times of disaster.

The conference will encompass three tracks in Search and Rescue. Basic Search and Rescue Skills, Search and Rescue Leadership, and Search and Rescue Management. Speakers from Air, Land and Marine agencies will present lessons learned from Search and Rescue missions in disaster response and ongoing operational strategy and tactics.


If you're able to attend let us know. We can cover your registration fee for members and can probably arrange car pooling.

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