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403-627-5804 is Pincher Creek's Call-Back Number. Provided by Telus through PCES.

When there is not an active incident happening, it is call-forwarded to the manager on-call.

[edit] Changing the forwarding

The forwarding works like this:

Caller --->  403-627-5804 (Telus) permanently forwarded to ---> 587-315-0065 (Phone.com Calgary) forwards to ---> Manager/Call-Back Person

Normally you change the forwarding of the phone.com number. See Phone.com/Configure/Extensions/Call-Back.

In rare circumstances we may need to change 627-5804 itself. See call forwarding.

[edit] When it's not working

Occasionally (about every 5 years) Telus gives us problems and calls to 403-627-5804 do not go through as intended. We've designed a redundant system to help handle that.

First Notification:

Our Incident Notification System is redundant. Calls from Tasking Agencies and other SAR Groups should be made first to 403-627-2262. Only if that number doesn't work, should these people call 403-627-5804. If 627-5804 is not working, they should know enough to call 403-627-2262 instead.

627-2262 goes to STARS. See PCSAR Doc-80 Incident Notification Process. STARS will use the First Call List to contact a PCSAR member. The first entry on the list is 403-627-5804 for the On-Call Manager. When this doesn't work they will proceed down the list of Call-Out People and SAR Managers until they reach someone.

Call Back:

During an incident 627-5804 is normally used as the Call-Back Number where members can call-back for more information or to let the Call-Out People know that they are responding. During longer incidents the 627-5804 may be forwarded to different Call-Back People as they switch shifts.

If 627-5804 is not working, the Call-Back People will need to use their own personal phone number as the "Call-Back Number". Some of the pre-defined templates in Rapid Notify use 627-5804, so they will have to be recreated.

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