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[edit] Searches

[edit] Process

  • board accepts notice of termination of contract from out-going Administrator
  • board appoints a search committee
    • 1 or 2 board members
    • try to include the out-going or a previous Administrator
    • Suggested motion: Moved by _______________, seconded by _______________ that a committee of ___________________________________ be formed to search for a new administrator, and recommend an individual and terms to the board.
  • (1 week) agree as a committee what we are looking for; prepare job ad.
    • Consider whether to split role
    • Consider need for office vs skills working from home
    • Do we change the hourly rate offered?
  • (1 week) place ad in paper(s); distribute to our members; forward to prospective candidates.
  • (1 week) for responses -- deadline for applications
  • (3 day) for committee to review applications; select short list for interviews
  • (1 week) for interviews as can be scheduled; after last interview committee decides on recommendation
  • (1 week) special board meeting to approve contract offer to candidate
    • (perhaps we can do this via e-mail if the rest of the board is comfortable).
  • New administrator starts with help of out-going Administrator.

[edit] Ad

See Ad

[edit] Interviews

See Interviews

[edit] Reference Check

See Reference Check

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