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[edit] Background

Personnel from Waterton Park have pointed out that the position names that we use where the "Search Manager" reports to the "Incident Commander" doesn't match the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS says that the two positions are Incident Commander and Agency Executive. The "Search Manager" is the Incident Commander who reports to the Agency Executive from each Tasking Agency involved. The difference has caused confusion when Waterton Park works with PCSAR. The naming that we've been used comes from training and conventions in most Alberta SAR groups. In order to avoid future confusion with other organizations using ICS, PCSAR will use the names "Search Manager (Incident Commander)" and "Agency Executive".

[edit] Relationship Recommendations

That PCSAR bring this issue to the attention of other SAR groups that are using the "Search Manager report to Incident Commander" names. Perhaps through SAR Alberta. (Recommended 2004-09; Board Accepted 2005-02; Roy to lead.)

[edit] Tasks

  • Find all operational documents that mention "Search Manager" or "Incident Commander" and change them to "Search Manager (Incident Commander)" and "Agency Executive" respectively.
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