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Board Members

(When updating this list, see Change of Position Holders.)

President: Nick Morantz

Vice President: Lucas Gurba

Secretary: Kara Kulak

Treasurer: Alec Curtis

Directors at Large:

Non-Voting board participants:

Administrator: vacant

RCMP Liaison: none participating at the board

(Database listing)

Previous boards' participants (see roles above)


The Board has a dedicated mailing list: pcsar-board.


The Board is responsible for making sure that the organization as a whole is operating well.

In most areas it does this by overseeing committees that are responsible for the work. It does not do the work of the committees but rather makes sure the committees are doing their work.

The Board manages the finances of the organization. It is responsible for managing the relationships between Pincher SAR and other organizations.


The Board meets the first Tuesday of every month between 17:30 and 19:00 at the Pincher Creek Fire Hall.


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When decisions are taken without quorum, they are subject to ratification at the next board meeting.

Moved by ______, seconded by _______, that the motions adopted without quorum at the ___________(date) board meeting now be ratified with quorum.


  • Suggest recruit someone to do school presentations (e.g. Hug-a-Tree or Lost-in-the-Woods programmes). If this is done, the Membership Committee would use the opportunity to send a recruiting message home to parents.
    (referred to Board by Membership Committee 2011-05-02)
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