Board of Directors/2017-02-16/Minutes


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[edit] Status of this document

This document is a draft. It has not yet been adopted by the board.

[edit] Attending


Absent with Regret:

  • none

Quorum was achieved.


  • none

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 16:06 on 2017-02-16 by Brett via e-mail. Brett recorded the minutes.

[edit] Minutes

Minutes of 2017-02-07 meeting.

Moved by John MacGarva, seconded by Brett Wuth that the minutes of the February 7, 2017 board meeting be adopted as presented.

In favour: John, Brett, Frank, Igor.

Motion carried.

[edit] Ratification

The meeting of February 7 did not have quorum, so it's motions need to be ratified with quorum.

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by Frank Melo that the motions that were passed without quorum at the February 7, 2017 board meeting now be ratified with quorum.

In favour: Brett, Frank, John, Igor.

Motion carried.

[edit] Adjournment

The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for March 7, 17:30.

The meeting adjourned on 2017-02-23 at 11:41.

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