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[edit] Status of this document

This document is a draft. It has not yet been adopted by the board.

[edit] Attending


Absent with Regret:

Quorum was achieved.

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Call to Order

The Meeting was called to order at 17:30 by Brett. Rose recorded the minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Moved by Frank Melo, seconded by John MacGarva that the Agenda be adopted as amended. Carried

[edit] Minutes

Moved by John MacGarva, seconded by Frank Melo that the minutes of the May 2, 2017 board meeting be adopted as amended. Carried.

[edit] New Member Applications

There were no new member applications.

[edit] Incidents

2017-06-03 Pincher Hospital - Critique this evening. Disappointing with number of respondents. Five people. Must focus on revitalizing the organization. A lot of people out of area. It turned out to be a search for 70-year-old dementia patient. Started searching at 06:00. Around 10:30 the subject was located with family.

[edit] Financial Statements

Rose presented the financial statements.

Moved by Frank Melo, seconded by John MacGarva that the Financial Statements be accepted as information. Carried

[edit] Approval of cheques over $500 or outside budget

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by John MacGarva that payment of $2,057.40 to Town of Pincher Creek for vehicle insurance be approved. Carried.

[edit] Liaison

At the request of SAR Alberta and the OFC, Brett went to Edmonton to train to be a SAR liaison at the Provincial Operations Centre in case of large scale disaster. Fire chief from around province were there. There was an opportunity to speak with the Fire Commissioner. Bureaucratic paper work is still an issue.

[edit] Fundraising

The AGLC offered to move up our next casino to July-September of 2018. We accepted. It means we will get our next money sooner. There will be the standard three year wait after that. It is a gain for us.

[edit] Training

This evening's training is two critiques of recent events.

Lethbridge is having Swift water rescue at below the dam this weekend.

Lethbridge is hosting a mini mock search on Wednesday, June 14th.

Thursday, June 15th is technical rescue practice.

Saturday June 17th is a wilderness exercise/hike up Victoria Peak. Saturday June 24th will be the same up Crowsnest Mountain.

The regional Provincial Training Grant Application was approved. SEASAR is administering the grant. They're tied up and can’t get together for a planning meeting at this point.

[edit] Equipment

There will be two invoices. One from Sure Glass for a damaged vehicle window. The second for map mylar is coming in.

The problem with the command post was a glitch. It shifts well now. The Equipment Committee has been running the command post every couple of weeks. It seemed sluggish but then it was ok. Frank will take it for periodic runs. It should not hesitate at all. John texted Brian on a training night for the command post. John will try to connect with him.

We're behind on getting the SAR signage on the Briefing Trailer.

[edit] Pre-Plan

There was no meeting in June. The preplan committee is meeting every other month.

The group is struggling, with all active managers being away last week of July. Brett proposed reaching out to another group either from Lethbridge or Crowsnest Pass.

[edit] Budget

Need to start budget process again. Rose or Igor to prompt members for budget numbers. Check wiki for groups on budget committees.

[edit] Strategic Planning

Last few months have been working on getting current members participate more and new members join. Tactics review and have goals for next months. How to get current members more involved; social function in August possibly to encourage more. Entertainment/meal/movie; motivational, make things more approachable for families, family picnic/BBQ. Do actual phone call to members. Have a mentor for new members. Brett to make training in July more “fun”. Possibly have training at Beauvais. Send link to surveys. Rose to meet with Brett to discuss script for phone calls. Call previous Facebook administrator to regain control. Contact Mountain Radio. Have picture of mountain in the event. Park staff might be benefit.

[edit] Adjournment

The next board meeting will be July 4, 17:30.

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by Frank Melo to adjourn. Carried.

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