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[edit] Status of this document

This document is official. It has been adopted by the board at the 2017-06-06 meeting. It can be amended at any board meeting.

[edit] Attending


Absent with Regret:

  • None

Quorum was achieved.


  • None

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Brett at 17:30. Rose recorded the minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Moved by Frank Melo seconded by Igor Grujic that the Agenda be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] Minutes

Moved by John MacGarva seconded by Brett Wuth that the minutes of the June 6, 2017 board meeting be adopted as presented. Carried

Moved by John MacGarva, seconded by Igor Grujic that the minutes of the September 7, 2017 board meeting be adopted as presented. Carried

[edit] Incidents

During the Kenow Fire, Pincher SAR supported the Pincher fire department (PCES) by providing a feeding and recuperation station using our Briefing Trailer. Service was provided within the evacuation zone at Twin Butte for 36 hours September 12 - 13 until the staging area was shut down. Brett Wuth, Matt Lynch and Cindy were on site during this time.

[edit] Financial Statements

Rose presented the financial statements.

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by John MacGarva that the Financial Statements be accepted as information. Carried.

Rose will update the year end financials and upload to wiki for Board approval and submission to the auditors.

[edit] Budget Adjustments

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by John MacGarva that the 2016-2017 Budget be amended by increasing the Recruitment and Retention category from $300 to $350.00. Carried.

[edit] Audit

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Brett Wuth to appoint Cindy Drake and Adam Grose to act as auditors for the Society for the financial year ending August 31, 2017. Carried.

Igor will contact Cindy Drake and Adam Grosse to see if they are available to conduct audit.

[edit] Approval of cheques over $500 or outside budget

No cheques over $500.00 for this month.

[edit] Budget

Brett presented the budget figures for board approval and explained each line item.

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by Igor Grujic that the 2017-2018 budget be adopted as presented and that expenditures be authorized to the total of each line item of the budget, with any individual expenditure of over $500 requiring additional board approval. Carried.

[edit] Liaison

SARA Financial Controversy: Brett explained that there was some claimed financial irregularities in the SAR Alberta records that were being investigated. As a result there will be a General Meeting Oct 21, in Drayton Valley, it was agreed that Brett would attend on behalf of Pincher Creek Search and Rescue.

SARA has come out with a Code of Conduct for its use. Brett elaborated on this topic saying that PCSAR is within guidelines.

SARA has a New Training Coordinator.

SARA's new Communications Strategy is to send emails to members every 2 weeks updating them on information available.

The Canadian Stanadards Association is having a Workshop Nov 3-5 on curriculum development. Brett has applied to attend.

SARA has deals with Shell's Burnt Timber site and Norquest College campuses across the province giving us access for training and meetings.

SARA's AGM is scheduled for the end of April.

[edit] Fundraising

The Provincial training grant application has been submitted as has the Shell SIF grant application.

Shell CSF grant application will be done by Igor and Frank. Form can be completed online. Brett will forward information to Igor and Frank.

[edit] Training

Rural Navigation will be held tonight. Legal land description reading will be key topic. Lethbridge SAR is hosting a compass exercise. Hike in Waterton is scheduled for this Saturday October 7th. Regional Mock search is scheduled for October 14th on the Blood Reserve. Search and Rescue teams from Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass as well as Salvation Army, police services will be in attendance.

[edit] Equipment

Command Post has had all filters changed as well as the oil. Frank is going to Rocky Mountain Equipment to obtain diesel fuel additive as well as invoice so maintenance records are current.

The already paid for stickers for the briefing trailer need to be installed.

[edit] Pre-Plan

Matt is unable to continue to take a rotation of on-call manager starting next year. With only 3, now 2 managers able to take on-call, the on-call system will have to change unless we can get more active managers. The preplan committee will try a system of having the call-back line ring the phones of all managers simultaneously. It is hoped that will provide sufficient coverage. If their are gaps, STARS would be asked to reach out to LASARA or other neighbouring groups for a manager.

[edit] Strategic Planning

Brett asked the Board to think of ideas to get more new members. Rose will send out email about annual General Meeting scheduled for November 7th at the firehall in Pincher Creek and follow up with a phone call to all members the week before. The AGM will be potluck and commence at 6:00 pm.

Igor suggested a stronger presence on social media as a way to recruit.

[edit] Adjournment

Next Board Meeting: December 5, 17:30

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Frank Melo to adjourn. Carried.

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