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[edit] Status of this document

This document has been adopted by the Board on 2018-05-01. It can be amended at any board meeting.

[edit] Attending


Absent with Regret:

  • None

Quorum was achieved.


  • None

[edit] Meeting

[edit] Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Brett at 17:30. Rose recorded the minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Moved by Igor Grujic seconded by Frank Melo that the Agenda be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] Minutes

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Frank Melo that the minutes of the January 2, 2018 board meeting be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] New Member Applications

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by Cindy Mauthe Drake that the following applicants be approved as Associate Members of the Pincher Creek Search and Rescue Society: Carried

  • Bree Kullman

Moved by Frank Melo, seconded by Igor Grujic that the following applicants be recommended as Members of the Community Response Group: Carried

  • Celesa Horvath
  • Bernice Cyr

[edit] Incident Report

  • 2018-01-07 Tent Mountain Snow Bike After midnight near the BC Border, it was reported that a 43 year old male snowmobiler was alone and unable to extract himself. Two PCSAR snowmobilers responded to request for support but were not deployed from muster point.
  • 2018-01-20 Seven Gates Snowmobiler PCES received a call from a concerned wife that her husband was 2 hours late from a solo snowmobile trip. This incident was referred to RCMP who in turn, called PCSAR and requested assistance. In the end a friend of stranded snowmobiler rescued him and PCSAR stood down.
  • 2018-02-23 Ground Blizzard On February 23rd a Emergency Response Centre was set up and PCSAR was requested to be on stand-by to transport ambulance crews by snowmobile to reach rural patients in areas of impassable roads, and transporting both crews and patients back to the ambulance. No calls came in and PCSAR stood down at 1:30 pm on February 24th.

[edit] Administrators Report

The T3010 Charity Form has been completed and submitted as well as the Alberta Registries form although the latter may be returned due Rose signing it.

[edit] Financial Statements

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Cindy Mauthe Drake that the Financial Statements be accepted as information. Carried.

[edit] Approval of cheques over $500 or outside budget

Moved by Brett Wuth, seconded by Igor Grujic that payment of $1,977.64 to Rose Bonertz for Administrative Services in the months of December, January and February be approved. Carried.

[edit] Liaison

  • SARA - Deputy Director for SAR Alberta Southern Region election was held and Brett Wuth was elected for that position. There is a new newsletter for SAR Alberta which should be in all members email. SAR Alberta has also sent out a survey on how well SAR Alberta is doing and Brett requested everyone take part in survey. The Provincial Training Conference will be held in Drayton Valley in April. There are new policies on how SAR Alberta handles finances.

The issues brought up in an earlier email distributed widely has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

  • CRG/Pincher RCMP - This meeting has not happened yet and will hopefully be scheduled in March. This meeting is currently on hold due to conflicting dates. Brett, Wanda and Jeff Feist will be attending once a date is set. Brett will let everyone know which date so those who wish to attend may.
  • CNP SAR/RCMP - This meeting is coming up and details will be forthcoming.
  • Castle Parks - We should schedule a meeting with Castle Parks regarding the role of PCSAR.

[edit] Fundraising

Shell CSF - Still working on scheduling meeting.

Provincial Training Grant - We were approved for grant of $7,700.00 to host the SAR Basics Course in October/November of this year.

Moved by Frank Melo, seconded by Cindy Mauthe Drake that the signing of the Conditional Grant Agreement for the 2017/2018 Ground Search and Rescue Program be authorized. Carried

Casino 2018 - select advisor - This task along with the letters from potential advisors was given to Igor for review. Our next Casino is scheduled for September 16th and 17th.

[edit] Training

  • Map Compass training after meeting tonight.
  • Mock Search in Lethbridge on March 17.
  • ICS 200 Course on March 27th and 28th
  • March 2-4 and 16-18 SAR Basics in Lethbridge
  • Next month Animal Safety, open to the public.

[edit] Membership

  • Volunteer Week, April 16-20, static display at mall. Cindy is looking into getting a display board. All board members to look through their pictures to include on display. We will have brochure and contact information available.
  • Brett has regained control of PCSAR Facebook account. If members could like and share our page it would be greatly appreciated. Update on both SAR and Community Events will be updated regularly on Facebook.
  • Emergency Preparedness Event - Tuesday May 8th, 14:00 to 19:00 PCSAR was invited to put on a demonstration of either rope rescue or canine search. It was also suggested that we bring the mobile command post.

[edit] Equipment

Cindy Mauthe Drake spoke about Narcan Kits and the epidemic of fentyl related events. She will look into procuring the kits from the pharmacy and how to use them on both people and the canine search dogs.

[edit] Pre-Plan

No report

[edit] Technical Rescue

No Report

[edit] Audit

Audit is completed.

[edit] Strategic Planning

  • Brett stated the importance of new members. Asked Board for ideas on recruitment.
  • New brochures and postures to be dispursed within the communities.
  • Utilization of other Face Book pages ie; the area MD's
  • Possible reward system as a motivator ie; Castle Mountain Ski Patrol offers daily ski passes.

[edit] Adjournment

Next Board Meeting: April 3, 2018

Moved by Frank Melo, seconded by Igor Grujic to adjourn. Carried.

Adjourned at 18:55.

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