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[edit] Status of this document

The minutes were adopted as presented at the 2020-07-07 Meeting. They can be amended at any board meeting.

The 2018-07-03 meeting did not have quorum, and the motions of that meeting were not ratified.

[edit] Attending


Absent with Regret:

Quorum was achieved.


[edit] Meeting

[edit] Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order by Brett at 17:30. Rose recorded the minutes.

[edit] Agenda

Moved by Frank Melo seconded by Igor Grujic that the Agenda be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] Minutes

Moved by Igor Grujic, seconded by Frank Melo that the minutes of the May 1, 2018 board meeting be adopted as presented. Carried.

[edit] Incidents

  • 2018-05-20 Table Mountain rescue (Brett)

On Sunday, May 20th, a woman broke her ankle while hiking on Table Mountain. EMS was called in and the RCMP called PCSAR to respond and assist. SAR was then informed that the subject had made it to the trail head and to stand down. The group had a paramedic hiking with them.

[edit] Financial Statements

  • Due to internet issues the financials were not completed for April. This issue has now been resolved.

[edit] Liason

  • Brett has been in contact with the RCMP to schedule a meeting.
  • SAR Alberta meeting in Lethbridge was attended by Brett. He also attended a three day face to face in Edmonton.

[edit] Fundraising

  • Igor will find a Casino Advisor in the next month.
  • Rose to contact MaryAnn to check on status of Casino funds.
  • Shell Canada would like to donate $10,000.00 from their Social Investment Fund. Igor and Frank will fill out the application for the October deadline.

[edit] Training

  • Matt Lynch will be providing sound sweep training tonight. This will take place at the Community Hall.
  • On June 7th at 6:30 there will be topal maps training in Lethbridge. This will take place outside in a field near Lethbridge.
  • Also on June 19th in Lethbridge there will be Overhead Team training.
  • SAR Team Leader course is being offered on June 15, 16 and 17th in Didsbury.
  • Technical Rescue course is being offered in Pincher Creek on June 21st after the Wilderness Exercise.
  • GPS Training will be held on July 3rd.

[edit] Membership

  • The Emergency Preparedness showcase was well attended. PCSAR was able to hand out quite a few membership applications.

[edit] Equipment

  • As there is no leader for this committee, Frank Melo will arrange for the 3/4 ton to have a service due to the dashboard service light showing that a service is required.

[edit] Inventory

  • Rose will set up the inventory on wiki.
  • Igor will be charging batteries for the months of June, July and August due to Nicole being away.

[edit] Technical Rescue

  • The training last month was orientation on ropes.

[edit] Strategic Planning

  • The goal is to get more members. Brett is focused on recruitment and reaching out to the public through events may be an option. It was discussed that perhaps more public education on the aspects of SAR via radio, social media and newspapers would be a great option. This would be done quarterly in order to communicate to the public levels of participation to suit your lifestyle and skills. Possibly have a radio interview. It was suggested that our web page needs to be updated and more user friendly.

[edit] Adjournment

Next Board Meeting: July 3, 2018

Moved by Frank Melo, seconded by Igor Grujic to adjourn. Carried.

Adjourned at 18:55.

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