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Proposed priorities are in italic

ID Date Action Assigned to Priority Progress
022013-12-10Board development; to lead further strategic planning in areas of recruitment and current membership participationBrett Wuth1-highOn-Going
032013-12-10Draft a Confidentiality Policy3-low
042013-12-10Draft a policy re Untasked SearchesBrett Wuth2-med
052013-12-10Draft a policy re What Happens when stood down by a Tasking Agency3-low
062013-12-10Make current policies easily available to the membersAdministrator1-high
072013-12-10Draft a policy re Safety of Volunteers3-low
082013-12-10Draft a policy for agreements that need Board involvement2-med
102014-02-11Direct the concept of a mentoring programme to the membership committeeBrett Wuth3-low
112014-03-04The Board should identify and work on priorities as outlined in the self-evaluation summaryBrett Wuth2-med
142014-03-26Integrate PCSAR's membership database with D4HBrett Wuth1-highOn-Going
152014-04-01Committee chairs to complete job descriptionsVice-President3-lowOn-Going
162014-05-06Identify issues from members with SOG and MOABrian Balak2-medOn hold
182014-09-02Develop mandates for committeesBoard2-med
192014-09-02Review and amend society bylawsBoard1-high
302015-06-02draft a maintenance policy re personal vehicles used in a searchBrett Wuth2-med
312015-06-02develop a policy regarding set rates for all PCSAR equipment used in search effortsBoard2-med
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