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[edit] Document status

Is this document a draft? Official?

This document is APPROVED. It was adopted by the Board of Directors at the February 17, 2015 board meeting. It can be changed at any board meeting.

[edit] Position description

Summarize what the role does within the organization.

A Director at Large is an elected member of the Board of Directors. Together they set and execute the strategy of the organization.

There can be between 3 and 6 Directors at Large. The exact number is set by the Bylaws. (See Section 18.) The number changes if the Secretary and Treasurer are two people or one.

[edit] Responsibilities

List the major areas of responsibilities.

  • Work to the best interest of the society
  • To the degree required by Alberta law, assume shared legal responsibility for the actions of the organization. To protect the board member, the organization maintain Officer and Director Errors and Ommissions insurance and an agreement with the province the limits conditions under which the society can be successfully sued.
  • Ensure we are meeting our mission statement and objectives efficiently
  • Contribute ideas for how to execute strategy
  • Demonstrating leadership; be examples of how we want our members to act.
  • Attend board meetings, become informed about the issues before the board, and vote
  • Participate in e-mail discussions
  • Provide your unique perspective, knowledge, skills and abilities to fill in gaps in the board
  • Liaise with the members
    • The primary contact with the members is the President. When, for whatever reason, a member is unable to bring a concern forward through the President, any Director at Large may act on their behalf.
  • Prepare the way for future Directors at Large
    • Document what the Director at Large learns, in a way that a future Director at Large will be able to use

[edit] Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Time

List what knowledge, skills, abilities and time are required or desired.


  • expect to contribute approximately 4 hours each month


  • teamwork skills (to work with the other Board members)
    • good communication
    • being on time
    • showing respect
    • leadership qualities
  • professional judgment
  • common sense
  • willingness to work for the benefit of the organization with no recognition
  • humility
  • understand the requirements of being in charge (the legal term "governance")

Desired: A portion of the board, and thus likely a few Directors at Large, should:

  • be able to read and understand financial statements

[edit] Resources

List what the organization supplies to help the person in this role.

  • Director's Errors and Omissions liability insurance coverage
  • An e-mail list for board discussions
  • Regular reports from the Administrator and Committees
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