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[edit] Document status

Is this document a draft? Official?

This document is APPROVED. It was adopted by the Board of Directors at the February 17, 2015 board meeting. It can be changed at any board meeting.

[edit] Position description

Summarize what the role does within the organization.

The Secretary

  • ensures that accurate minutes are recorded at each Board meeting.
  • Sends out meeting notices, prepares agendas
  • and distributes correspondence from the Board.

Documents prepared must meet legal standards required.

The Secretary is a Voting Member of the board. At annual elections, the position of Secretary may be combined with that of Treasurer. If that is done the Secretary Treasurer gets only one vote.

[edit] Responsibilities

List the major areas of responsibilities.

The Secretary makes sure that the records of the society are properly kept. Normally, the actual work is delegated to the Administrator, but when the Administrator is unable to do so, the Secretary directly records and maintains the records.

  • To the degree required by Alberta law, assume shared legal responsibility for the actions of the organization. To protect the board member, the organization maintain Officer and Director Errors and Omissions insurance and an agreement with the province the limits conditions under which the society can be successfully sued.
  • Oversees the work of the Administrator as it relates to the responsibilities of the Secretary
  • Records minutes of board meetings and any meetings of the membership: date, time, locations, list of present and absent, items discussed, reports presented, motions presented & description of their disposition.
  • Makes sure the minutes are recorded in the corporate records.
  • Custodian of the records.
  • Makes sure that an up to date list of bylaws and policies are available at all meetings and to the members.

In the absence of the President or Vice President, calls meetings to order, etc. (or if a position is vacant will preside as a temporary chair person).

[edit] Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Time

List what knowledge, skills, abilities and time are required or desired.


  • expect to contribute approximately 3 hours each month
  • when combined with the Treasurer position, the total would be 6 hours each month, because you don't need to attend the board meetings twice


  • Excellent English/writing skills
  • familiar with record keeping and regulations that the board might be subject to.
  • Knows the bylaws.
  • Familiar with the requirements of the Alberta Societies Act
  • Organizational skills.
  • Familiar with the organization they are involved with.
  • Experience with word processing or computer program to submit & record minutes.

[edit] Resources

List what the organization supplies to help the person in this role.

  • Officer's Errors and Omissions liability insurance coverage
  • Staff Administrator
  • Board
  • wiki
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