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The Secretary is responsible for making sure minutes are prepared. This is generally delegated to the Administrator.

[edit] Start from the agenda

The minutes can often be based on the agenda. The agenda is generally available on the wiki and has suggested motions and partial reports included.

You can copy the agenda and make it into the minutes. It is better to click on "edit" on the agenda and copy that. Otherwise you'll have to fix up formatting which can be extra work.

It's better to record the minutes on a wiki page rather than as a wordprocessing document. It's less work and the result will be searchable on the wiki.

The times and durations (e.g. (17:31, 1 min) ) are for agenda planning. They should be removed from the minutes.

The phrase "suggested motion:" should become just "motion:". This is recording what actually happened.

In the suggested motions, the text in parentheses are optional. They should be removed when the motion is chosen. E.g. "as (presented/amended)" should become just "as presented."

Suggested motions that were never moved should be removed.

[edit] Quorum

We should explicitly state "quorum was achieved" or alternatively "quorum was not achieved. All motions must be ratified at the next meeting with quorum"

[edit] Documents

Documents that are referenced in motions (such as past minutes or agreements) should be uploaded to the wiki and linked to on the meeting page.

If the document was amended, either the amended document should be uploaded as well (preferred). Or the amendments should be explicitly listed in the minutes.

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