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[edit] Current

See the current bylaws as consolidated from their amendments.

[edit] Official

These are the bylaws as they have been officially filed.

[edit] Changing our bylaws

We change the Bylaws by

1/ Sending each member (e.g. by e-mail) a notice of a Special Resolution with exact wording changing the Bylaws.

2/ Giving at least 21 days notice (see Societies Act) of the general meeting at which the Special Resolution will be voted upon.

3/ Having quorum and having a 75% (see Societies Act) vote to adopt the Special Resolution.

4/ Sending the amended Bylaws off to Alberta Corporate Registry and having them approve them. "Society amendments, such as name, objective, or bylaw changes do not take effect until the prescribed information is filed with Corporate Registry"

5/ Sending a copy to the Canada Revenue Agency for re-approval of our charitable status.

Bylaws are more easily handled the same way legislation is. Each paragraph is numbered (called a section). When you add a new section, you don't renumber the sections, you number the new section with a decimal. So between sections 22 and 23 you insert section 22.1.

In my experience, motions to amend bylaws use the formal language of motions. It's possible that the provincial registrar will accept informal language, but I've never seen it tried.

So a proposed special resolution might read

"Moved that the bylaws of the society be amended by inserting after section 22 a new section which reads:

22.1 The members present at a general meeting may authorize all present to vote at that meeting by a motion so stating which is approved unanimously."


Moved that section 18 of the bylaws of the society be amended by inserting before "in writing" the text "by e-mail, telephone or other means of immediate delivery or".

Formal language for motions are often difficult to read, so they are typically accompanied in the notice of the proposed special resolution with a before and after version of the bylaws and an informal explanation of what they accomplish and why they are needed.

[edit] Analysis

[edit] Proposed changes

[edit] Past versions

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