Change of Position Holders


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Whenever there's a change in who's in key positions in the organization, there's several places this information needs to be recorded or reported.

  1. For any board member, committee members or chairs, Update the personnel records of the people that have stepped down from positions and the people that have taken up positions link=
  2. For changes of Administrator, Update the membership records by removing/adding them to as "Staff" on key the board committee link=
  3. For any board member, record the date they assumed or left office here. You'll need that for the Charitable Status filing. link=
  4. For any board member, or the Administrator, update our list of board members on the wiki. link=
  5. For any change of Committee Members, update the Committee's Page link=
  6. Update the SAR Alberta website listing. link=
  7. File changes of Board Members with the Provincial Registrar as part of our society status. Save copy of letter on same page. link=
  8. File changes of Board Members with Insurer; upload copy of letter link=
  9. File changes of President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Casino Chair, or Administrator with the AGLC. Upload correspondence to wiki so can verify continuing our practice of using only our permanent contact info. link=
  10. File changes of Board Members or the Administrator with the Canada Revenue Agency. Save copy of letter on same page. link=
  11. For the Administrator, President, Training or Equipment Chair, update to forward calls to the new people link=
  12. Let the membership know. link= (not yet for 2018-11-19)
  13. For changes of Administrator or some Board Members, change signing authorities at the bank. link=
  14. For changes in the Administrator, change the name on the credit card; receive the new card link=
  15. For changes in the Administrator, President, Treasurer, possibly some committee chairs, change accounts on QuickBooks Online link=
  16. Provide new Board Members with an orientation package. link=
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