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[edit] Membership List

[edit] Being accepted as a new member

PCSAR has agreed to act as the secretariat for the CRG. In other words, PCSAR keeps the membership records on behalf of the CRG. In discussions with the CRG, they have asked that PCSAR board review membership applications to the CRG and recommend whether the applicant should become a member of the CRG, which they act on.

Once a membership application for the CRG is received, it should be distributed or presented to the PCSAR board. The board then passes a motion of this form:

Suggested motion: Moved by _______________, seconded by _______________ that the following applicants be recommended as Members of the Community Response Group:

The motion is forwarded to the CRG president and the new CRG member is entered into the membership database as a member of the CRG.

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