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Making a working computer, photocopier, printer available to the SARCAR.

[edit] Tasks

  • Determine requirements for SAR computer (done)
  • Important uses: photocopying, brifing sheet, maps
  • What do we need when looking for computer sysem
  • Mass faxing
  • Topo map software that Bryan has
  • propose suitable components, get BoardCommittee approval (done)
  • buy system (mostly done)
  • buy 2-sided print option (PhotocopierTask): BrettWuth
  • install system
  • physical housing: MikeStauffer, RussellBruder (done)


  • able to transport under high vibration (e.g. washboard) without damaging delicate scanning mechanism
  • enough space to be able to completely remove the lid (everything above the glass) in order to position large maps for scanning. Lid removes by lifting 2 tabs when lid is open.
  • enough space to open lid and to use sheet feeder
  • enough space to print legal size (14 inch) paper without crowding into corridor
  • enough space to open printer to replace ink cartridges. Printer hinges open in the middle by pulling forward where paper comes out.
  • glass level with counter top to allow large maps to slide on and off printer
  • as much space as possible between the printer and the two walls of the corner so as to allow maps to hang over all four edges when scanning large maps.
  • easy to reach access to front panel buttons
  • the printer will become 2 inches wider (front to back) at the bottom back when the 2-sided print option is purchased. Because the top back currently overhangs the bottom back, this won't make the printer significantly wider (front to back).
  • the power inverter needs to attach somewhere to the wall (as a heat sink) and to 12 V. It will power both the printer and the laptop, which will set on the counter.
  • a cord will run between the laptop and the printer.
  • install power inverter
  • cache printer paper at firehall and in SARCAR
  • build pictoral of how to pack, carry, transport, unpack
  • label weight of case and printer
  • software selection and configuration: BrettWuth
  • Mapping Software
  • consider MemoryMap (demoed by RoyDavidson) Will it run under Linux?
  • convert to journaling file system (ext3)
  • train people to use

Brett Wuth, 2005/02/21 23:28 MST (via web):

Used to be assigned to BrettWuth, but removed due to higher priorities

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