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Suggestion #23: working with EMS, need to get SAR into action faster

Committee handling: preplan
Value to PCSAR mandate: high
Difficulty to implement: medium
  • want to get response time lower
    • should marshal at fire hall
    • consider pagers
    • consider radios
    • consider one-way radios
    • consider call-out through dispatch

Sketch out a typical timeline for a rescue response. Focus on each element.

Get phone call out quicker.

Shell has a call-out system. ACRO uses a phone system that can play a message to everyones phone numbers in just a couple of minutes.

Could call back number have a PCSAR-owned voice mail box that any call-back person could review. Can receive and answer multiple calls at a time. Recorded "greeting" message gives updated/additional details. Members leave message only if they are able to respond.

via call-out system.

Muster at site not firehall.

Reviewed at 2010-11-16 Preplan meeting.

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