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Thank you for your participation in this recent incident. As always, we want to learn from what happened so as to improve our skills and organization. We want to hear your thoughts.

Pincher Creek SAR normally has a critique after incidents of any size where all participants can discuss their ideas. An announcement should go out shortly.

If you cannot make it to the critique we still want to hear from you. You can e-mail your thoughts to Or mail them to PC Search and Rescue, Box 1705, Pincher Creek, T0K 1W0. (Printable form (Doc-29)).

1. Which incident was this? When did it happen?

2. What were you asked to do? What happened?

3. What did you learn from this incident?

4. Were your resources used effectively? How could you have been better used?

5. What should we do differently in the future?

6. What worked very well?

7. Did you find this a fulfilling or frustrating experience? Why?

8. If this was a training exercise, did you learn enough, too much, too little? What could be done to make this a better learning experience?

9. What else would you like to say?

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