Dislocated Shoulder Issue


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[edit] Issue

At the January 2004 Wilderness First Aid course, students were taught how to relocate (reduce) a dislocated shoulder.

[edit] 2004-10-26 Recommendation of Medical Preplan Committee

Risks associated with attempting to relocate are too great. There is not danger to life if the shoulder is not relocated. Even with the level of training some of us received through the Wilderness First Aid, the risks associated with attempting such a procedure are too great and members should NOT attempt it. Our present level of training does not need to be revisited since under Standard First Aid, this is not something we should be doing, therefore, no change needs to take place. One possible exception is where the dislocation is recurrent. In that case, the victim usually knows what to do and may ask you to assist. In this case, you may assist them if they ask for it. Again, that does not result in any change to our present training.

[edit] 2004-11-02 Referred back to Medical Preplan Committee

Request clarification of relevance of the Wilderness First Aid course training (WFATrainingRelevanceIssue).

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