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PCSAR maintains many electronic mailing lists to make communication work smoothly.

Viruses are automatically blocked. Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) is not blocked.

The address of each mailing list is of the form The xxxxxx is listed below. (I don't list the full address each time so as to minimize the spam).


[edit] pcsar is the official published contact for PCSAR. Mail to that address is automatically forwarded to pcsar-board. E-mail is not sent from this address. You can send e-mail from your personal e-mail address, but ask your correspondent to keep this as the permanent contact.

[edit] pcsar-announce

The address for announcements of PCSAR activities. Announcements of activities hosted by external organizations (non-PCSAR activities) should go to pcsar-members instead.

Messages sent to this address are automatically forwarded to both pcsar-members and pcsar-external.

  • pcsar-external is just external contacts that are interested in our announcements.
  • pcsar-members is just our members.
  • pcsar-announce is both.

If you don't have permission to post to pcsar-external, you may get a bounce from that list while at the same time the message goes through on pcsar-members.

[edit] pcsar-board

goes to all board members, plus

Implemented on

[edit] pcsar-caller

goes to members of the PCSAR call-out committee.

[edit] pcsar-delorme

Goes to the committees interested in the operation of the inReach. Namely

[edit] pcsar-equip

goes to the members of the equipment committee.

[edit] pcsar-fund

goes to the members of the PCSAR fundraising committee.

[edit] pcsar-external

key people outside our organization that have asked to be kept informed of our events.

People such as

  • contacts in LASARA, SEASAR, Foothills SAR, ACRO
  • Waterton Parks
  • several others that want to know about our events

You can add yourself to this list at

Don't assume that any particular individual is still on the list. If you want to invite a person or group to one of our events, contact them explicitly. If you really want to see who is on the list go to and enter the list password. But honestly, you don't need to care. People put themselves on the list because they want to receive our announcements. They take themselves off the list when they no longer want them. If we want to get our announcements out to a specific group, we should be sending it explicitly to them.

[edit] pcsar-firstcall

Those people (agencies) that receive the PCSAR First Call List. See The First Call List is distributed automatically each month through this list.

[edit] pcsar-membcom

The members of the PCSAR Membership Committee. Responsible for recruiting, welcoming and orienting new members, keeping track of member status and the membership database.

[edit] pcsar-members

goes to all PCSAR and CRG members that have e-mail. This covers everyone reached by all of the other lists except pcsar-external, pcsar-announce or pcsar-firstcall.

You are added to this list when you update your personnel record with your e-mail address. (Your personnel record is where you record your participation at each monthly meeting in the binder that circulates.) You can adjust your current subscription at:

[edit] pcsar-preplan

goes to members of the PCSAR Preplan Committee. Includes all search managers.

[edit] pcsar-prevent

goes to members of the PCSAR Prevention Committee.

[edit] pcsar-technology

goes to members of the PCSAR Technology Committee.

[edit] pcsar-train

goes to members of the PCSAR training committee.

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