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[edit] Email Destination

When sending an email, you can place the destination addresses in different fields. Use them like this:

The person or people you want to take action
People who won't take action; "for information only"
People you don't want others to know are getting a copy

See this more detailed explanation (cached).

[edit] Salutation

The first line of your email should be a salutation. Something like,

Good Morning, Brett,
Dear Brett,
Dear Mr. Wuth,
Jane and Tim,

Always include the person's name as this is a cue that you want action from them. Otherwise they may wrongly assume that the message was only for their information and someone else is supposed to act on in.

For groups that are too large to list everyone's names, use something like:

Dear All,

This let's the reader know that they have to look elsewhere to figure out if they need to take action.

If no one need to take action, include "FYI" (For Your Information).

Brett, FYI...

More detailed explanations:

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