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[edit] Description

Describe what this training is about.

Helicopter Operations for Ground SAR is a proposed course (not yet developed). An industry partner is encouraging this training and offering to fund it.

Compare with the shorter training provided in SAR Fundamentals:

SAR members currently go through a 1.5 hour helicopter orientation as part of their basic training, but it's all classroom. We're talking about augmenting this previous training with hands-on training.

Below are some potential skills/subjects that might be covered by this course. We want to confirm with subject matter experts, the appropriateness of this material and whether other subjects should be included.

  • identifying which helicopters and pilots are right for which jobs
    • This skill would likely be used by members of the overhead team to source the right helicopter and pilot for the incident, and to evaluate the spontaneous offers of a private helicopter that sometimes occur in high media incidents.
    • types and capabilities of helicopters
      • aircraft flight characteristics
    • skills and certifications of pilots
  • safety (heli-safety talk from pilot)
    • safe approach/exit
    • what not to touch, not to approach
    • bringing hazardous equipment (bear spray, flares)
    • passenger communicating with the pilot during flight
    • crash procedures
  • use of equipment
    • headsets
  • spotting from air (the search component)
    • strategies
    • grids
    • where items would end up based on the terrain
    • gaze management
      • fist out at arms length
      • keep focus at an infinity, tendency is too close
      • point to point in fixed pattern
    • how long a spotter can effectively work before becoming fatigued and not a good resource
  • ground-to-air communications (e.g. helicopter directs teams on the ground to the subject)
  • Landing Zone / helispot support (e.g. team on ground preps for extracting subject by air)
    • Landing Zone Officer duties
    • selecting and preparing a helicopter landing site
    • hand signals
      • another organization says: we don't have staff near the machine when it lands-as you may see fire department staff do with STARS. Pilots are very familiar with landing in open areas so we let them do that without us and just pass on appropriate information such as winds out of the west and steady. When you land you will be slightly right side skid high
  • hover exits
    • some SAR groups train for this
    • another organization says: we don't do these as we perceive them as being high risk with high consequence
  • sling loading gear
  • ground support of HETS (Helicopter External Transport System / Class "D" Human External Cargo)
    • We're not wanting to be HETS certified. Just understand what HETS means. Know what we need to do if HETS is going to be used. E.g. packaging requirements for a patient that may go out HETS.

2018-11 CNP was considering long-line course

[edit] Need

[edit] Sources

List where this training can be obtained. Instructors that can be brought in. Courses that can be gone to.

none yet confirmed available

  • CASARA considering
  • Bighorn Helicopters can supply helicopter, trainer for all but spotting - although training is not their focus
  • Hy-Ridge Helicopters can supply helicopter, trainer for all but spotting - although training is not their focus. Has done something similar for Sparwood SAR
  • SRD approached
  • Waterton Park approached
  • ERI Canada approached


  • Kananaskis Country: supplied
  • Rossland SAR: supplied
  • Sparwood SAR: requested
  • Foothills SAR: requested
  • CNP SAR: requested
  • RCMP : requested

[edit] Funding

Possible costs, funding applications.

[edit] Material

Include copies of the training material. E.g., syllubus, manuals, hand-outs, critique suggestions.

[edit] Runnings

Link to the runnings of this training that we track. E.g. courses we've put on or sent people to.

  • probably fall 2013, possibly September
    • most likely a Saturday or Sunday
    • anticipating 10 PCSAR students, 4-5 corporate sponsor students

[edit] Reports

This section is for future use. The raw data for the reports has not yet been entered in the required format.

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