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2004-02-03 discussed wilderness first aid course

short spine board

suitable to carry in on pack

very useful

2004-10-26 MedicalPreplanCommittee recommends:

KEDs - The KED is a simple immobilization device that can be used as spinal immobilization. The consensus was that a far better solution was the spine board and stokes basket. If some of our EMT members know how to use it and we end up with one, that would be fine, but we should not go out and get one and train on it. We are better to train on our existing equipment, i.e., the spine board and basket.

  • Recommendation: That PCSAR provide ongoing training, on a regular basis, for use of the spine board, Stokes basket and related material and procedures.

2004-10-26 PreplanCommittee forwards recommendation to Board

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