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[edit] Inventory

  • Ferno basket stretcher
    • with face shield attached
  • spine board
    • with head blocks
    • with chin strap
    • with spine board straps in blue bag
  • 1 quicksplint
  • 1 thermarests
  • 4 blankets
  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 1 pair safety glasses with removable arms
  • 1 toque
  • 1 water bottle with straw
  • 1 adult brief (Depends) or large abdominal pad
  • 1 bottle hand sanitizer
  • 2 rolls of tape
  • 2 10m green webbing (lashing)
  • 6 3m blue webbing (carry straps for stretcher attendants)
  • tarp to protect subject from rain
  • large orange bag to protect all contents from rain
  • (need) padding for fill
  • (need) C-collar

[edit] Weight

37.7 kg (as of 2011-09-08). Useful for helicopter load calculations.

[edit] Usage

Standard usage:

  1. apply C-collar if necessary and trained
  2. place uninflated thermarest on backboard (inflated later)
  3. roll patient onto backboard
  4. center patient onto backboard
  5. apply headblocks if necessary; consider use of rolled blanket instead of headblock to place patient higher on backboard
  6. apply backboard strap from blue bag
  7. pad voids behind neck, small of back and behind knees
  8. inflate thermarest
  9. place open tarp in strtecher
  10. place patient in stretcher
  11. cover with blankets
  12. fold tarp to protect patient and give access to injuries
  13. lash patient into stretcher with two 10m green webbings
  14. attach red webbings to stretcher for stretcher bearers
  15. strecher bearers grip stretcher with one arm and pass red webbing across their back to outside shoulder and grip with outside arm

[edit] Storing

To repack the stretcher: 1. Wash mud and dirt off all items (stretcher, spine board, head blocks, thermarests, blankets, webbing). 2. Air dry all items. 3. Disinfect with Caviwipes 4. Reattach head blocks to spine board. 5. Place quick splint on spine board in stretcher. 6. Place webbing, water bottle, purel and safety glasses at head and velcro face shield in place. 7. Add folded blankets. 8. Add thermarests and sleeping bag. 9. Place in orange storage bag. 10. Place in quad trailer. 11. Close trailer clamps.

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 8
  • add illustration of how to daisy chain webbing (review: Brett Wuth)

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