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Welcome to the Pincher Creek Search and Rescue (PCSAR) Manager's Kit.

The most up to date version of this page is available on the PCSAR web site at

The PCSAR Manager's Kit is intended to be used by PCSAR's SAR Managers to familiarize them with the forms used by PCSAR. All of these forms are available in multiple copies found in the filing cabinet on PCSAR's mobile command post (bus) and in the overhead team box found in SAR cabinet upstairs at the Fire Hall.

The Kit will also act as the seed for your personal ready kit. You will however need to make additional copies of the forms. (All forms are downloadable from the PCSAR website starting at You probably will also want to augment your kit with other material you find personally useful.

[edit] Contents

The contents are ordered roughly in the sequence they would be used.

The Kit is currently provided as loose pages without a binder. The Preplan Committee feels that most SAR Managers already have a suitable binder.

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