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The Membership Database is edited by Sabrina Ryans. Other people that have done this task: Rose Bonertz, Susanna MacGarva, Diann Piwek, Dick Burnham, Adam Grose, Brett Wuth, Bob Costa.


[edit] Process

[edit] Sources

Gather your list of changes that need to be made to the membership database:

  • review any e-mails you may have received about updates
  • Review the call-out list in the membership binder for changes
  • Review the personnel records in the membership binder
  • Review decisions of the board about membership statuses and newly approved members
    • Any changes (e.g. an applicant becoming an associate member) should be added, not deleting the old membership information. This is a requirement of the Alberta Society Act.
  • Collect the sign-in sheets from PCSAR incidents and events
    • These may be passed directly to the Membership Coordinator/Administrator by the event organizer / Search Manager
    • Some sheets may be left in the Membership Binder
    • Rope Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue trainings are recorded in a binder marked "Joint Rope Rescue" on the ground floor of the Fire Hall in a bookshelf opposite the door to the washroom.
    • Some committees record their attendance in the meeting records:

[edit] Edit existing records

Edit the membership records on the secure part of the wiki.

[edit] New Members and Applicants

  • new members or applicants should be added in a similar fashion, namely
    • If information on the new member is received by e-mail, print it.
    • Place the original form or the printed e-mail in the membership binder. Keep it there until the personnel record is printed to replace it. That way if there is a delay in printing, the member can continue to update this draft document.
    • On your personal page, or in a Sandbox add the line:
      * {{member|John Doe}}
      using the person's name instead of John Doe.
    • Follow the link to the new member's page. You should be in the edit box, with a blank template ready to be filled in.
    • Fill in the information and save the page.

[edit] Activities

Add any newly recorded activities to the Activities page.

[edit] Notification

Once you have completed the update of the Membership Database, contact the Technology Committee so they can process it.

[edit] D4H

Brett Wuth has abandoned development of a java application for structured editing of the database using a graphical user interface (MembershipDatabaseEditorTask). Instead he is working on integrating D4H.

[edit] Tasks

[edit] Log

See Log

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