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Produce a formal document that assesses the need for Search and Rescue services.

[edit] Background

Supporting material/research has already been produced in:

  • Risk assessment based on PC SAR past records (see search statistics from BrettWuth)
  • RCMPRiskAssessmentTask: Risk assessment based on RCMP past records
  • Theoretical risk assessment (from BrentKozachenko)

[edit] Tasks

  • Define a primary response area, where PCSAR is likely to be the first responding SAR organization and in which PCSAR should take the lead in making sure there is sufficient SAR resources (either by supplying those resources within PCSAR or by mutual aid with other SAR groups).
  • Define a secondard response area, where PCSAR is likely to be needed to support other SAR organizations through mutual aid.
  • List the types of incidents that may occur in the primary and secondary area.
  • List the types of services PCSAR may be called upon to provide.
  • Estimate the quantity of service needed in the primary area
  • base estimates on historic data* include peak need (worst case)
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