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Should this mention Civil Emergency Response as another service provided by PCSAR?

B. The SAR Team is one of the search and rescue teams in Alberta providing aid to tasking agencies in locating and rescuing lost, missing or injured persons and assisting in evidence searches.

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2. In this MOA:


(g) "Reference Number" means the Tasking Agency file number;

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What's the difference between "Tracking Number" and "Reference Number"?

(g) "Tracking Number" means the identifying number provided to the SAR Team by the Tasking Agency.

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This is an issue that PCSAR struggles to scope out.

(o) All team members are required to provide team leaders a Certified Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Check.



This clause would prevent discussion of issues or learnings that arise from a search with others that should be included:
  • the tasking agency
  • other tasking agencies that may experience similar events
  • other SAR groups
  • SAR Alberta
  • students from other organizations (e.g. Parks Canada) that are taking an introductory course.

Exceptions should be expanded to include:

  • where authorized by the tasking agency
  • for educational purposes, to third parties that agree to be similarly bound to non-disclosure
Should say "by reason of a Deployment under this MOA". Otherwise we couldn't show anyone this MOA.

6. (a) The SAR Team shall not disclose, authorize or permit disclosure to any person or organization now, or at any time in the future, any information or documents of any kind or other matter or thing which comes into its knowledge or possession by reason of this MOA, and shall retain all such knowledge as confidential, unless it is expressly authorized by the Province in writing. This clause does not apply to information that is publicly available or becomes publicly available without breach of this clause.

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Should say "relating to a Deployment under this MOA". Otherwise we couldn't even say we had signed this MOA.

(d) Any press release, public announcement or other public commentary relating to this MOA shall only be made by the SAR Team in accordance with the privacy policies of the Tasking Agency that requested the Deployment.

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Schedule B

Need copy of letter for review

Letter dated December 18 2012 from Workers Compensation Board (attached)

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