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Prepare better identification for Overhead team members

  • SAR workers, other agencies, family members and media need to be able to quickly identify the appropriate overhead team members

[edit] Status

  • 2004-06-15 BoardCommittee accepts in principle recommendations of PreplanCommittee. Requests PreplanCommittee identifies cost and source of suitable equipment and present those recommendations back to Board.

[edit] Tasks

  • Consider hats or vests (done: vests)
  • Recommend what should be purchased / made (done)
  • Review supplied vests (done)
  • Identify source and cost of suitable equipment.
  • Consider Lone Pine in Cardston that did our jackets / shirts / hats.
  • Invite other SAR teams / disaster services to go on bulk purchase.

[edit] Recommendations

  • 2 sets of vests (1 each colour) be obtained. 1 set in the SARCAR. Another set at the firehall.
  • True colours be used: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. Strong colours similar to the folders used in the overhead files. Of the existing road vests, only blue was true colour.
  • consider (perhaps custom made) light cotton soft material
  • need some reflective component on front and back (but does not need to be a lot)

There was some concern about chaffing when worn over short sleeves.

  • need large wording on the back, perhaps smaller wording on front

Yellow: Search Manager

Blue: Planning

Red: Logistics

Green: Operations

Brett Wuth, 2004/11/02 16:41 MST (via web):

At the national SAR conference I met a company that was interesting in doing one-off small-quantity custom design. Erin Suton, www.xzbita.com, 1-877-944-2482 (Calgary).

Brett Wuth, 2004/11/02 17:12 MST (via web):

RonHann has details on possible vests.

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