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[edit] Subject

What is this lesson plan about?

This lesson uses a tabletop scenario to illustrate and get the participants to discuss overhead roles and activities.

[edit] Authors

List who wrote this lesson plan.

Brett Wuth

[edit] Scope

What is included in this lesson, what's not and why.

[edit] Prerequisites

What should students already know/have accomplished before the lesson is presented.


[edit] Objectives

At the conclusion of this lesson the participants will be able to

  1. illustrate the role of the overhead team
  2. illustrate the evolution of an incident from first contact to critique
  3. describe major ICS functions
  4. place activities in appropriate ICS sections

[edit] Time Plan

Total Time: ?? minutes

Time Material


3 min

Introduce topic title

Introduce Instructor

Present Objectives



Sunday May 19, 2013, Victoria Day weekend

You've been invited to go camping with some friends.

Random camping along the Carbondale River.

Woods, River, random camp sites, road, hill.

Beautiful weekend.

Get to know neighbours. Mention that you're part of SAR.

Sunday morning. One of friends from last night, panicked says her 5-year old daughter is missing. Will you help?

One SAR person involved

What needs to be done? Why? Who should be contacted? How? When should you expect help?

Lots of other campers are showing up, wanting to help. What could they do?

Who's in charge?

Is PCSAR involved? Have we been tasked? By whom? What does "tasked" mean?

Are you obliged to help? (paint some scenarios where urgency is low or you're needed elsewhere)

SAR group contacted

Who calls for outside help?

Who do they call? RCMP, SAR, SRD?

Who receives the call? How does a SAR manager get notified? What numbers are called?

Touch on: RCMP, STARS, Manager on Call, Call-out people, Call back number.

Initial evaluation

What is SAR manager asking?

What decisions are you making? What is search urgency?

Will the SAR group respond?

When is the group tasked? By whom? Why?

What will you want at the site? How long will it take to get there? How do you arrange that?

Touch on: overhead team, call out committee

Other teams

Lack of resources.

Who do you call? How?

How are they tasked?

Who do they report to?

On scene

Resources arrive on scene

What are the priorities when arriving on scene?

How do you integrate the already started activities, organization?

touch on: previous in charge becoming Operations Section Chief

What ICS roles are activated? What do they do? What are the other roles? When will they be activated?

What is the RCMP's role?

How are other SAR teams integrated?

What are the planning activities?

What are operations activities?

What are logistic activities?


Do we search at night? When? Why?

What other things can be done at night?

Touch on: confinement, attraction, planning

Hand off

What is a hand off? How is it done?


When would a search be suspended? By whom? How is the decision made?


Scenario: subject found

What needs to be done?

How do people get home? Are there any safety concerns?

What post search activities?

How do we get ready for next search?

touch on: CISM, critique, billing, summary

[edit] Aids

What materials are needed or useful in presenting this lesson.

[edit] Question bank

List of questions suitable for an review/exam of this section.

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the questions that students typically ask. Include the answers.

[edit] Feedback

When has this lesson been presented. What was the feedback.

[edit] License

What can others do with this lesson?

Copyright © 2009, 2012, Brett Wuth. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Canada License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/ca/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

[edit] Reference Material

If you need to cite sources, do so here.


[edit] Notes

Any additional notes, etc.

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