PCSAR Doc-108 Recruitment Brochure


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[edit] Description

What is this document used for?

This is a recruitment brochure to distribute at events.

[edit] Document

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[edit] Editing

Are there any special instructions on how to edit this document?

[edit] Issues

What, if anything, needs to be changed on the document?

  • recruitment brochure edits
  • The logo on the first panel has bad shadowing on the "R" in "SEARCH"
  • Brochure is text heavy; not visual / eye-catching
  • Add picture on front of lost girl / boy
  • Change "Call for Volunteers" to
    • The person you save could be one of your own.
    • You need us. We need you.

[edit] Change log

What changes have been made to the document? Include dates.

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