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[edit] Description

What is this document used for?

This form is used to record information about a member.

The data is transcribed into the membership database and then used to prepare call-out lists, e-mailing lists and participation statistics among other things.

A copy of the form is automatically filled in from the membership database, printed and placed in the membership binder for reference during searches and to allow members to update their records at any time.

[edit] Document

Where can this document be found? Include links to it in the various file formats available.

[edit] Editing

Are there any special instructions on how to edit this document?

The .odt document contains "References" around pieces of text that should be automatically replaced when printing a member's record. The names of these references should be left in the document, otherwise the information will not be insert. Additional fields can be created in OpenOffice with menu:Insert/Field/Others/Cross-References/Set Reference.

The template .odt is used directly off the wiki by the scripts that produce individual member's personnel record sheets.

[edit] Issues

What, if anything, needs to be changed on the document?

[edit] Change log

What changes have been made to the document? Include dates.

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