PCSAR Doc-96 Operating Profile/Wikify/Experiment/Situations/Rural SAR under Extreme Weather


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Description: Under extreme weather conditions (e.g. spring snowstorms) some rural areas are not accessible by conventional vehicles. The weather generates simultaneous SAR incidents in the affected region. SAR functions which would normally be performed by other means of access must be replaced by snowmobile.

PCSAR experience: 4 incident of this type: 2001-05-24-Eagle-Tail-Feathers-Knife, 2008-01-30-scout, 2008-02-29-ma

Forecast: 2 simultaneous incidents of 1 or 2 op periods every 3 years

Optimum Minimum: 2 teams of 2 expert-level sledders or 3 intermediate-level sledders.

PCSAR role: PCSAR normally provides.

Need met?: Yes

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