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Pincher SAR uses both Telus and to make remote changes to the Call Back destination possible.

403-627-5804 (Telus) 
permanently forwarded to
587-315-0065 (
forwards to
Manager(s)/Call-Back Person

(We used to be able to do this with just Telus, but they no longer offer the Advanced Call Forwarding feature we relied on.)


[edit] Changing the destination phone number

See Change destination number

[edit] Help provides online help in the menu at the top of its pages under "Support".

You can read further about our use of here.

[edit] Advanced has lots of features and can do just about anything you can imagine a phone system might do. See the online help or talk to the Technology Committee if you'd like to explore them.

If you're using a complex setting, you might want to save it for the next time you're responding to the call-back number. We can set up a special extension for you so you don't have to reenter the same configuration.

[edit] Wrong Numbers

Wrong numbers going to the manager on-call are inevitable. People misdial. People get confused. People have old or wrong numbers.

Because there are two entries into the call-back forwarding chain, the number of wrong numbers will be approximately twice that received on a typical single phone number.

I looked into P K F Medical which we occasionally get calls for on the call-back line.

They were a Calgary business which now appears to be shut down. There are no current listings for them on the web, just old yelp-like reviews/listings.

At one time they had the phone number 587-315-0065. We've since taken up that number as a necessary link of our call-back system through

We get wrong number calls to this number which get forwarded to the manager on-call. Those wrong numbers will decrease as the old clients of P K F Medical realize they are no longer in business.

The wrong numbers are directed to (as illustrated above). They should not affect the phone bill for 403-627-5804.

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