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The Photocopier / Printer / Fax is a multifunction box that we have.


[edit] 2-sided option

Needed upgrade is a 2-sided print option.

Now that the photocopier is operational, it's time to upgrade it to support printing on both sides of the page (we have some forms that require this). The cost is approximately CAN$160 (including shipping and tax).


2004-06 Purchase approval is already part of budget. Go ahead and purchase.

2004-08-31 ordered from Confirmation number is:

  1. 40831185.

[edit] Replacement

The photocopier is on it's last legs and needs to be replaced.

[edit] Requirements

  • colour (for maps, colour forms, photos)
  • flat bed scanner (for maps)
  • nice to have: speed
  • nice to have: removable lid (for maps)
  • nice to have: low maintenance (can store without regular printing)
  • nice to have: larger paper formats (hardly used on previous version)
  • nice to have: fax capability (never used on previous version)
  • nice to have: inexpensive ink per page
  • nice to have: 2-sided printing (hardly used on previous version)
  • nice to have: sheet feeder (hardly used on previous version)

[edit] Candidates


  • HP Photosmart C7200
    • up to 34 black page/min
    • up to 33 colour page/min

[edit] To Do

  • check out copier/printers at store. Easiest way to check for cover removal.
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